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When you have pain resulting from an accident injury, muscle relaxation techniques like electrotherapy can be an extremely effective method of natural pain relief. At Central Florida Health and Rehab Clinic in Orlando, Florida, the team of physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists offers a full menu of holistic pain relief solutions. Learn how muscle relaxation and other natural pain relief treatments can help you by scheduling a consultation online or by phone now.

Muscle Relaxation Q & A

Why is muscle relaxation important for treatment? 

Muscle relaxation is a key part of holistic pain management because tense and tight muscles can be tremendously painful and restrictive.

When you’re injured, your muscles tense as a protective mechanism. This only worsens your pain, while making it difficult for your care providers to reach the injured area to administer treatment.

Muscle relaxation treatments like manual massage and electrotherapy can relax your muscles, which reduces your pain and allows your chiropractor to perform spinal adjustments more easily.

How does electrotherapy bring on muscle relaxation?

Electrotherapy is a treatment in which mild electrical current stimulates repeated muscle movements. During electrotherapy, the Central Florida Health and Rehab Clinic team positions a series of electrodes around your neck, back, or other areas of pain. 

Then, the electrodes vibrate rapidly to deliver electrical impulses many times per second. The electrical impulses can block pain reception, preventing your nerves from shooting pain signals up to your brain.

Ultimately, electrotherapy forces your muscles to relax, boosts your local blood circulation, improves your range of motion, and relieves your pain. To further improve pain relief, electrotherapy triggers you to release more endorphins, the body’s own natural painkillers.

Electrotherapy is generally a painless treatment, and many people find it very relaxing.

When might I need electrotherapy for muscle relaxation and pain relief?

The Central Florida Health and Rehab Clinic team might recommend electrotherapy for muscle relaxation if you have a neck or back injury, whether it's temporary or chronic. Some conditions that commonly respond to electrotherapy are:

  • Whiplash
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched nerve
  • Herniated disc
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Muscle spasms
  • Poor range of motion

Typically, electrotherapy is only one component of your overall treatment plan. The modality combines well with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. You may also have other noninvasive holistic treatments, such as hydrotherapy and intravenous (IV) therapy, as part of your pain management and rehab plan.

Electrotherapy can be an integral part of your rehab and pain management because it offers completely drug-free pain relief. If you want to learn more about how electrotherapy can relieve pain and increase function, call Central Florida Health and Rehab Clinic or click the scheduling tool now.